Research & Quality

Research & development: our on-sight laboratory shows our ongoing commitment to developing quality products in a timely fashion, with the added objective of identifying natural elements with outstanding properties to use in our products.

Control & quality: working together with R&D, is able to ensures high standard of product quality through strict continuous and accurate control of each ingredient, which must meet our stringent requirements, from the formulation stage, through the Packaging up to the shipment.

Internal production: At Rica facilities are carried out all the individual steps that bring a product from its initial conception and formulation to the final stage of sale. We promote and support a philosophy at zero Kilometers because reducing distances and shorten the processes respects the commitment of responsibility towards the environment and the consumer.

Marketing: dynamic, energetic and with an ear to the quickly changing needs of over 60 countries, our marketing group is ever ready to capture market trends and provide a swift response to consumer needs.

Training: in the knowledge that the quality of a product is often compromised by incorrect use, Rica makes supports and invests in widespread technical training initiatives at various teaching levels to ensure 100% satisfaction with our products.

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