Sicily is our source of inspiration. Ever-changing earth in its landscapes, dual in its identities and variable in its representations. Dual and changeable as the features of the new collection of Rica artistic team, the Mermaids.
Creatures with a dual identity like the sea surrounding Sicily, emblem of attractive but dangerous strength. Sweet and fickle during hot summer nights, impetuous in the cold winters. Like the sea and its abysses, the mermaid becomes the symbol of the duplicity of the human nature. An oxymoron of charm and witchcraft, pleasure and cruelty, melody and agony, passion and torment, attraction and asphyxia. They are inside each of us, in that territory where the imaginary is mixed with reality. We move between dream and reality, myth and history as lulled by the waves of the sea.
Cut, color and styling are combined together to create a limbo made of contrasts. Textures, shapes, geometries and materials combined together with their opposites: lightness, soft lines, sinuous gestures and sweet poses.
Welcome to the journey through the abysses, bewitched by the charm of the creatures that inhabit them, the Mermaids.

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