Cut and styling are combined together to give birth to a new collection dedicated to women’s energy. The energy belonging to every woman that in the past was recognized in the form of a Goddess. The Goddess turns to express the exaltation of femininity and freedom. Supernatural beings in every woman who seems normal from the outside, but who hides the strength of a God from the depths of the gaze. Throughout shapes, colors, geometries and styles we will be catapulted into a world focused on the feminine energy of the Goddesses. Strong looks, but at the same time not extreme, of the round lines, which hide net and sharp segments, ideal for a determined woman or who wants to become it by expressing ”resolution”. Ephebic, ethereal, delicate, strong, tenacious, sensual even if not clearly feminine, but a woman who reveals a hidden femininity despite being a strong figure. Not warriors but Goddess. They must not express force through the body or gestures, but through the face, the look and the power of their haircut. Because in every woman there is a Goddess and every woman is herself a Goddess, she just needs to let her come out to become the rebirth of civilization, paladin of the right, of the girl power as well as of femininity. 4 identities, 4 styles, 4 looks, 4 Goddess for countless personalities.

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